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Marvel's Jessica Jones Didn't Set Out to Be a Series About Rape

Since its debut in November, Marvel’s Jessica Jones has been widely praised by viewers and critics for its thoughtful depiction of a survivor’s journey in the wake of rape and trauma, but the writers never set out to tell a story about those issues.

"We never walked into the writers' room going, ‘We are now going to take on rape and abuse and feminism,’” showrunner Melissa Rosenberg told reporters at the Television Critics Association winter press tour on Sunday. “We walked in telling a story for thischaracter and by being true to her character, it was true to the issues.”

Rosenberg credited the incredible writing of Brian Michael Bendis, who created the Jessica Jones character, played in the series by Krysten Ritter, for the story that’s been the subject of countless thinkpieces. And although there’s no word yet on where the series will go or what foe Jessica will face in the just announced second season, it will certainly be hard to top David Tennant’s Kilgrave, a brilliant and strong characterwhose presence in Season 1 helped define and bring about those strengths that everyone’s been talking about.

Marvel’s Jessica Jones first season is currently streaming on Netflix.

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