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Marry Me

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Marry Me

"Move Me"

When Jake and Annie move in together, Annie has a massive freak out...[button color="black" size="small" link="" target="blank" ]Official Site[/button]


Now that they're engaged, Jake has officially moved into Annie's apartment. This is what Annie has wanted for years, but after seeing how much junk Jake has, she starts stressing out about all the changes to her apartment.

Over lunch, the Kevins reassure her it's an adjustment period and she should just tell Jake how she's feeling. So, armed with a new, positive outlook, Annie returns home to find Jake has trashed the place. To calm down, Annie goes to the bathroom, her "Happy Place" growing up, but ends up freaking out even more, so she sneaks off to her car for some alone time.

Gil has some alone time plans of his own. He's vowed to do one thing every day that his ex-wife Cassie wouldn't let him do. So Gil and Jake grab an early lunch at Home Place Buffet to talk about Annie's weird behavior since the move. Gil's advice is for Jake to turn on the romance, because that's what he thinks women want.

While Jake heads home to get romantic, a buffet employee named Chad approaches Gil, who informs him that he cannot just sit there and eat meal after meal for the price of one. Gil lectures him on the definition of "all you can eat," and refuses to be told what to do now that he is a free man. He will stay until the place closes, and since it's open 24 hours, it appears Chad and Gil are going to become quite close.

As Gil drowns his sorrows in an endless buffet, Dennah is desperately seeking makeover advice. A catty teenage girl thought she was 40, so, of course, Dennah is having a total meltdown. She tried to talk about it with Annie, who was having actual problems, so Dennah turns to Kay for advice. But Kay also is dealing with legitimate issues, which leaves Dennah with one option: Gil.

Between mouthfuls of dinner buffet, Gil advises Dennah to get Botox, which is a terrible idea. Of course, Dennah has no one to tell her this, so she takes his advice.

Meanwhile, Annie has turned her car into the ultimate relaxation pad - she's even ordering delivery to it! The Kevins are very concerned and think she's hiding from her problems, but Annie thinks her plan is genius and just wants advice on which curtains work best with her interior.

Back at the buffet, it's breakfast time, and Gil has stayed all night, much to Chad's dismay. Jake stops by to tell Gil his advice was terrible and things with Annie have gotten worse. He decides to just ask Annie what's wrong, but Gil thinks he's making a huge mistake and runs after him... and out the door of the buffet! When he tries to get back in, Chad blocks the doorway, laughing at Gil's fatal error. At last Gil has something to show for his binge-a-thon: He lasted 29 straight hours, setting a Home Place Buffet record.

Also setting a record is Annie, for most hours spent living in a car. She's sipping wine in the front seat when she spots Dennah walking by. Dennah had an allergic reaction to the Botox, which has turned her beautiful face into a Halloween mask, so it's probably good that Annie got curtains for her car. The Kevins stop by as well to tell her Jake is worried about her, followed by Gil and Kay, who all tell Annie to get out of the car and talk to Jake. Reluctantly, Annie takes their advice, and leaves, wine in hand, only to find a cop standing right in front of her.

A tipsy Annie tries to get out of getting a DUI by explaining she wasn't driving, she was hiding from her fiancé! Of course, that's the exact moment Jake walks up behind her. Facing an arrest, Annie is forced to tell Jake why she's been freaking out - she didn't need space, she just never thought past the proposal, and when it hit her that their marriage is forever, she got scared. Jake accepts her apology and even manages to get her out of the DUI by proving she couldn't have been driving - the hood of the car is cold and there's a cooler full of wine blocking the gas pedal. Perhaps this is why cars do not make good bars.

It's been a weird week, so Annie and Jake wind down and watch some "Real Housewives" together... in Annie's car.

Marry Me

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