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Mark Burnett: “I am not Pro-Trump”

Prominent US producer Mark Burnett has issued another statement distancing himself from former Apprentice star Donald Trump.

“Given all of the false media reports, I feel compelled to clarify a few points. I am not now and have never been a supporter of Donald Trump’s candidacy. I am NOT ‘Pro-Trump,’” Burnett said in a statement. “Further, my wife and I reject the hatred, division and misogyny that has been a very unfortunate part of his campaign.”

But pressure continues to mount on producers to release telling footage from Trump’s time on the reality show.

MGM, which now owns the Apprentice archive after buying out Burnett’s company in 2015, maintains that it does not have the legal right to release footage from the show at will. MGM separately issued statement from its outside counsel, Marvin S. Putnam of Latham & Watkins.

“MGM, not Mark Burnett, owns ‘The Apprentice.‘ MGM has agreements with artists across a wide spectrum of creative properties, including The Apprentice. These agreements typically contain provisions related to confidentiality and artist’s rights. MGM has every intention of complying with its agreements with artists and honoring their rights, including with respect to The Apprentice.“

However FOX Chairman Barry Diller, who is a prominent Hillary Clinton supporter, has called MGM’s claims “bullshit.”

“There are no legal obligations,” he said. “To who? For what? I mean, the legal obligations are they own the copyright. They can do whatever they want with it.”

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