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‘Marilyn 1962’ Adapted Into Mini-Series with Exec Producer Michel Merkt

Marilyn 1962 is going to be adapted into a 10-episode miniseries under executive producer Michel Merkt. The series will look at the famous actress and the last several months before she passed away in 1962, and just what was going on from the point of view of those that knew her. As a miniseries this could work since enough people still idolize Monroe that it could be a big hit if it’s done right. First of course would be to find a woman that is close enough in appearance to the famed star and is close enough to the same body shape. Monroe wasn’t muscular but she was elegant and in good shape, so whichever female star gets it, and there should be a fairly short list, they have to be able to match her physical attributes somewhat closely. >>> See full article at




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