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Marco Pierre White reveals feud with Matt Preston

Details of a feud between UK chef Marco Pierre White and Matt Preston have emerged in an interview published by News Corp.

Marco Pierre White told Adelaide Now comments were made by his ex-colleague, Matt Preston, about his 22-year-old son, model Marco Pierre White Junior, who had appeared on Celebrity Big Brother UK.

“The things he said about my son in the British press were disgraceful,” he said. “No one should ever say that about someone else’s children. I will never forgive that man.”

Yahoo reports Marco’s son shocked the world after speaking out about his drug and alcohol abuse, and the prostitutes he’d buy with his father’s money, also claiming to have spent over AU$500,000 on drugs.

In an interview with Kyle & Jackie O, Preston previously said, “I think there is absolutely nothing wrong with your children having a highly evolved social life but I think the drugs might be a little bit of a worry.”

When Kyle and Jackie asked if he was shocked by Marco’s son’s behaviour he replied with, “That’s that whole rich, London trust fund babe, trustifarian-type stuff – it’s another world.”

“With my hand on my mother’s grave, I will get that man,” Marco said of Preston.

“I have the greatest respect for Marco Pierre White having had a professional relationship with Marco for the past five years,” Preston said later.

“Marco has already reached out to me to organise a sit down to clear the air.”

Marco Pierre White fronts Celebrity Hell’s Kitchen on Seven this year.

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