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Making History Stars Reveal Where They Wouldn't Time Travel To

Fox's upcoming comedy Making History is about two present-day professors who start having time-traveling adventures after one of them invents a time machine. But unlike the characters they play, series stars Adam Pally and Yassir Lester aren't really curious to go back in time to see what things were like, because they know there's truly no time like the present.

"You're asking a black person and a Jew where they would go historically in time. We'll both tell you we're not going anywhere," Pally told at the Television Critics Association winter previews. "This is the best we have it. And it's gonna get worse, so we'd like to stay right here."

The furthest back Pally would go would be rural Pennsylvania on Nov. 2, 2016, where he'd "try to change some people's minds." That would be a week before America elected Donald Trump, whose ascension to the presidency has emboldened anti-Semites all over the country (and other racists, too, not just anti-Semites).

Lester would go back a little further, to Feb. 24, 1999, when New Orleans rapper Juvenile released his seminal single "Back That Azz Up."

That was a good day in American history that would be made better by knowing that people were about to lose their minds when they heard it the first time.

But other than that, Pally and Lester will leave the time travel to their fictitious characters.

Making History premieres Sunday, March 5 at 8:30/7:30c on Fox.

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