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Made in Chelsea's Spencer Matthews didn't bother reading his contract for The Jump

"You must be doing something wrong if you hurt yourself."

Posh-person-who-appears-on-reality-TV Spencer Matthews has revealed he didn't actually read his contract for The Jump...

Which seems a little bit risky considering the Channel 4 winter sports series appears to be one of the most absurdly dangerous shows on TV.

Speaking to heat magazine, Spencer was asked if he'd checked out his contract in case anything bad happened (see last season's abundance of accidents), to which he replied: "No, not at all.

"There must be one with the show, but I didn't really read the contract, I just signed it. If you break your leg, you break your leg. I think you can only blame yourself – you must be doing something wrong if you hurt yourself."

He continued: "I love my competitive sports and I'm not particularly worried about the injury factor. If you go skiing or snowboarding with friends, there's just as much chance of getting injured.

"Just because lots of people got injured last year, it shouldn't make any difference to our competition this year."

Spencer Matthews on The Jump

Last year's series of The Jump was plagued by serious injuries, forcing many contestants to pull out of the competition.

Actress Tina Hobley was left unable to perform simple tasks after a horrific fall, Olympic gymnast Beth Tweddle fractured two vertebrae in her neck, and fellow Olympian Rebecca Adlington dislocated her shoulder.

In other words, all the best Spence.

*story via The Digital Spy

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