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Season 4 Episode 11

"End Of A Line"

I was really enjoying this episode. Acacia (Linda Hamilton) was back! She made a serious entrance, slaying a zombie before introducing herself to Bo. Acacia then tells Bo and Tamsin that she is a Revenant Hunter. Revenant are dead fae that have risen from the dead to settle old scores. Tamsin searches the Revenant's clothes and finds a Wanderer card. Tamsin tells Bo that she needs to talk to Rainer, and Bo tells her that he has gone to the battlefields. The three go to find who is really behind the Revenant. They meet up with Dyson when they arrive in a town where "The Cult of the Dead" hang out. They teams finds out that someone named Laveau is behind the Revenants. They find Laveau, and Bo beheads the priestess. Since Laveau was dead, and the one that was in control over the Reverant, Bo has to suck the blood from her severed head to take over control of them. She puts the Reverant to rest, and then they all part ways. Back at Bo's place, a book opens up and Rainer's face appears on a page. Tamsin asks who the man is in the picture, and Bo says Rainer. Tamsin respond that he is not her boss.

The next part I loved was the family reunion Kenzi had with her Mother and cousin Dimitri. Her surprise was courtesy of Hale, because he was the one that invited them. We find out that Kenzi was living on the street because her mom chose her boyfriend over Kenzi. The mom says that she kicked the boyfriend. Later, while eating, Kenzi's mom tells Hale that Kenzi will make him a very good wife. Kenzi is shocked, but she doesn't know that Hale has asked her mom for her blessing before he proposed. Hale gets down on one knee, pulls out a ring, and asks Kenzi to marry him. Before she can say yes, Dimitri's phone rings. It is the mother's boyfriend on the phone. Dimitri asks (while the boyfriend is on the phone) Hale if he is going to send the money. Kenzi asks what is going on, and Hale says that it is her father who needed some start-up money. Kenzi tells Hale that the man isn't her father, but the person who ruined her life. She tells Hale to stay out of it while she kicks her mother and cousin out. Kenzi then talks with Hale and says that they should take things slow, but she assures him that she is not letting him down easy. When Bo comes back, Kenzi runs out to show her the ring on her finger. Bo leaves to go get some snacks and wine to celebrate.

Now, this is the sh** I did not like. Kenzi is looking in the fridge when Massimo shows up all f'd up in the face. He starts kicking the sh** out of her and say it's for her and Bo trying to burn him alive. Kenzi keeps screaming out for Hale. Hale rushes in and gives Massimo a real beatdown. Hale then gives him the super siren until Massimo appears dead. He turns to Kenzi while she yells at him, but he is deaf because his ears are bleeding like they did before. Massimo runs a sword through him from behind. Massimo then pulls out The Twig of Zamora, the one that Kenzi gave him as payment for her sparkle power, and said that her debt is paid in full. Hale tells Kenzi he loves her, and then dies. Bo comes in and Kenzi begs her to save Hale like she did Dyson, but Bo says that there isn't enough chi to save him.

I have been asking where Hale was and why wasn't he in every episode like he used to be. Why do we see less of this character? Then when you see Hale again, he proposes to Kenzi and gets killed in the same episode?! The writers tried to speed up his story and kill him off the show. I hope that he can still come back, because like Acacia told Tamsin, dead doesn't always mean dead.


- Darius Lacey


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