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‘Longmire’ Season 4 Picked Up by Netflix!

Well, that didn’t take long. Just a few short days ago, we brought you the news that Netflix had entered talks with Warner Bros. TV about resurrecting the recently canceled A&E crime drama Longmire. It appears that those negotiations were a bit further along than was thought at the time, as Netflix has just officially announced that a 10-episode fourth season of Longmire will indeed be produced for the company’s instant streaming service.

Netflix’s 10-episode order is right in line with Longmire’s previous seasons, which ranged from 10 to 13 installments per year. An exact premiere date for the new season has yet to be revealed, although Netflix has confirmed that Longmire will return in 2015. That said, some international Longmire fans might end up getting left out in the cold, as Warner’s deal with Netflix only covers the U.S., Canada, Australia, and New Zealand markets.

Since the news first broke of Netflix being in talks to bring back Longmire, many fans have expressed annoyance about having to pay $8.99 a month – for new subscribers – that they wouldn’t otherwise spend in order to gain first run access to their favorite program’s upcoming season. This is a perfectly valid concern, despite the fact that A&E airs on cable, which is obviously not a free service.

It’s doubtful that Longmire viewers are going to want to drop cable solely because of the loss of a single show, meaning that the cost of a Netflix subscription would be a completely ancillary charge to what they already pay for cable. This especially holds true when you consider that the majority of Longmire’s audience is over 50, and is thus statistically less likely to already be a Netflix subscriber.

Of course, it isn’t like Longmire’s fourth season will simply vanish into the ether after it airs. Warner Bros. will no doubt release the episodes on DVD eventually, provided fans are willing to wait awhile. In the end, one would surmise that new Longmire episodes that come at a cost are preferable to no new episodes at all. Nobody likes when a TV series ends on a cliffhanger, and Longmire season three ended on quite a big one.

The future of several prominent Abrasoka County residents was left in major doubt, with Walt facing down a decision he may not be able to come back from. For those curious, Netflix has made clear that season four will pick up mere moments after season three’s shocking ending, giving Walt zero breathing room. Will Sheriff Longmire take justice into his own hands? Tune into Netflix in 2015 to find out.

Longmire‘s 10-episode fourth season streams on Netflix in 2015.

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