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LONGMIRE Recap: Henry is getting his a** whipped! (A&E)


Season 3 Episode 2

"Of Children and Travelers"

A murdered Russian adoptee leads Walt and the team to a shady underworld. Henry faces trouble in jail while Cady struggles to find him an adequate lawyer...[button color="red" size="small" link="" target="blank" ]Official Site[/button]

Inside The Episode - Branch Goes Back To Work



A seventeen year old girl was hitchhiking. Later she is found dead in a reservoir. Walt and Vic investigate the scene, and find out that this girl is a russian born adoptee from Arizona. Her parents, once found by our two Absaroka inspectors, inform the two that their daughter Polina was a handful to say the least. Apparently, she had been missing for months on top of coming at her father and stabbing him in the arm, leaving the guy with quite the scar.

Even though Branch is sick and should be in bed, he goes back to work. Cady asks Walt about Henry’s affairs since he is in prison. Walt tells Cady he will take care of it.

Meanwhile in jail, Henry is getting f*cked up. He has a black eye and is sitting at a table while other fellow inmates march around him chanting in a native tongue. Then Malachi sits down beside him. He warns Hank that his survival in this place isn’t padded with the certainty that Sheriff Longmire once offered. Malachi tells Hank that being only half native american doesn’t work here, it’s either “you go red, or you go dead.”

Walt and Vic visit Polina’s school and find out how bad she was. Surveillance videos show her beating up a clasmat for cutting in front of her in cupcake line.

Back at the station in Absaroka, Branch is looking into his own case.

Vic and Walt get help from one of Polina’s classmates and receive information and pictures of people that picked her up hitchhiking.

Longmire and Vic find themselves struggling with their feelings while spending the night in a motel. They both stare at the conjoining door between their rooms.

They get word that the man sent by the school to find Polina was clos, so they go to ask him some questions. Walt finds out that the guy was having sex with Polina for favors. Since she was a minor, Walt arrests the guy and takes him back to the station. Walt and Vic soon find out from Paulina’s adoptive parents that eleven months ago, Polina didn’t run away, she was re-homed to the “Gunthers”.

Back in prison, Walt tries to meet with Henry, but Malachi takes his place. Malachi was the sheriff over the reservation, but he was arrested by Longmire for running an extortion ring. Malachi wants to trade Henry’s life for Walt’s support at his parole hearing.

The man who picked up Polina at the start of the show walks into Henry’s bar. Ferg spots him and takes him in for questioning. They show him a picture of Polina, and he remembers her. He tells them that after picking her up, she asked him to stop by a trailer park, upon where she got out. The man explains that he left after about a minute because he was scared, and because Polina looked like she was going to kill someone.

To try and find the Gunthers, the sheriff’s department post’s a re-homing ad on a chat room and soon they get a response. The picture that the family sends over shows Polina with the family, and Vic and Walt head to meet them.
Walt and Vic meet with the Gunthers

Walt and Vic meet with the Gunthers, a married couple who may have had custody of their victim, a 17-year-old Russian girl named Polina, at the time she was killed.

Walt and Vic meet with the Gunthers

Vic takes Walt by the arm in order to make their cover as a couple more believable.

Walt and Vic meet with the Gunthers

Walt and Vic turn as Mrs. Gunther indicates that her husband is coming up to meet them. Walt is shocked when he realizes that he's seen Mr. Gunther before. Gunther recognizes Walt as well, and takes off running with his other adopted daughter, Sofia.

Walt and Vic meet with the Gunthers

As Walt chases down Mr. Gunther, Mrs. Gunther makes a break for it.

Walt and Vic meet with the Gunthers

Vic catches her easily, and demands to know what happened to Polina.

Walt and Vic meet with the Gunthers

Mrs. Gunther explains that Polina returned to take Sofia away with her, but her husband lost control and choked her to death.

Walt and Vic meet with the Gunthers

Walt forces Gunther and Sofia off the road.

Walt and Vic meet with the Gunthers

Gunther gives Sofia a gun and pushes her out of the car.

Walt and Vic meet with the Gunthers

Walt approaches Sofia, telling her that he knew Polina.

Walt and Vic meet with the Gunthers

Despite Gunther's influence, Walt gets through to Sofia. "I've failed a lot of people, Sofia," he tells her. "I'm not going to fail you."

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