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Season 3 Episode 10

"Ashes to Ashes"

Walt pursues closure for his wife's murder and Henry's case. Branch is suspended but continues to look into Jacob Nighthorse...[button color="red" size="small" link="" target="blank" ]Official Site[/button]



Tonight’s episode begins with Walt driving down the highway where he happens upon Branch, holding a rifle in the middle of the road. Walt is still bloody from his attack. He gets out of the car, not saying a word—just looking at Branch. He opens the trunk to show Branch the body of David Bridges. They drive back to the station, but when Branch attempts to follow Walt in, Walt reminds him that he is still suspended.

When Walt comes inside he updates everyone about the death of David and that he was alive. He tells Ferg to clear out Branch’s desk. He explains that he doesn’t want Branch coming back. He is ready to leave when Vic asks where he is going. He says he is going to arrest Jacob Nighthorse. Jacob’s attorney is on hand to play a tape of the phone call between Jacob and David that supposedly proves Jacob did not set Walt up as he thought. In a fit of rage when his wife’s name comes up, Walt lashes out and accidentally hits Vic instead of Jacob.

Walt and Vic leave and decide to get a drink. They head to the bar. When they arrive, Cady asks Walt about the case as she tries to prove racism as part of Henry’s case.

Walt goes to see the detective that worked on his wife’s case. He believes there is a killer in his county that uses a crow feather in his victims, just as Branch had when he was shot and just as Miller Beck had in his throat. The detective pulls the file for Walt and when Walt looks at the xray from the autopsy, he believes the feather is seen in Beck’s throat. Walt heads back to the bar and talks with Henry about what he found. They realize this is the hardest evidence they can get their hands on until Henry suggests digging up Beck’s body for hands-on evidence.

Meanwhile, Branch is at his dad’s house where he has been staying. Branch comes across video of his father going to see Jacob Nighthorse! While Branch is trying to digest what he just saw, his dad comes over and offers him a job to work with the family business. Branch comes right out with it and asks his dad whether or not his company does business with Jacob. His father tells him he does not if he can help it. Branch explains that he saw the video and asks for an explanation. His father tells him he went to see Jacob in an effort to protect Branch because he felt Walt was not doing his job. The explanation seems good enough for Branch.

Walt and Henry get caught digging up the grave. Walt and Henry come up with a quick scheme they play off well to ensure the officers who came to the scene are not suspicious of what they are really up to.

Later, in the back of a van, the casket is opened and Walt digs in the corpse looking for the feather. He finds it! Henry and Walt bring the body back with them rather than leaving it in its grave.

Vic pulls Jacob over and questions him about David’s missing body. She finds that he made a call to Sam Poteet. Henry believes Sam will ensure David’s body is taken to a special burial ground. Walt and crew race to the location they are thought to be. He finds David’s body and is able to recover it. Meanwhile, Branch is at home shaving and ends up covering his face in white shaving cream. He looks in the mirror at himself and has to pause at the reflection he sees. Shortly after, a clean-shaven Branch shows up at his dad’s office to begin his new job.

Cady tries to work a deal that would allow all the charges against Henry to be dropped. She shares the flaws they have uncovered in the initial investigation. The attorney and chief detective are there as Cady shares piece after piece of evidence pointing to David Ridges as Beck’s murderer. She again asks them to drop the charges. She gets her request granted and shares the news with the bar. She tells them henry will be there shortly to celebrate with them. He first needs some time alone.

Walt drives to the location where he and his wife first married. He pulls out a box that he brought with him and talks to his wife. He opens the box, pulls out her ashes, and sets them free as he cries. He tells his wife that he now knows that Jacob Nighthorse took her from him. In a very emotional scene, he then spreads the ashes with his hand on the very spot they married.

Meanwhile, Branch and his father are skeet shooting and Branch again brings up the Jacob Nighthorse connection and how odd it is that they had some type of relationship. Again, his father tries to explain his side. Branch pushes more, telling him he uncovered records of a payment of $50 thousand by his father that is connected to the murder of Walt’s wife. Branch’s dad explains why he did it and that he was revengeful that Walt was Sheriff rather than his son. He finally apologizes and tells Branch that he failed him as he sits down turned away from his son. Branch’s father can be heard saying that he may not have time to make up for the things he’s done but he does have time to make another son. Just then, a loud gunshot can be heard, giving the impression that Branch’s father has shot his own son. Walt is nearby and hears a gunshot. He smells trouble and heads toward the gunfire. We won’t know until next season whether Branch or his father was shot.

Synopsis is courtesy of Caryn Doti Chavez/

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