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Logies Q&A: Off-script mishaps “normally involve Julia Morris!”

Nine executive producer Brent Williams again gives us an insight into the mammoth task of staging the Logie Awards.

There are so many moving parts to this industry event, from scripting, presenters, Hall of Fame and In Memoriam.

And after her 2015 clanger where she forgot to read the nominees, and her 2016 F-bomb, the rule for the night may be to avoid Ms. Julia Morris!

No way, we loves her.

What changes or highlights can we look forward to this year?
BW: We always try and do things a little differently each year. There are 27 awards that need to be given out on Logies night and first and foremost the night is about acknowledging and celebrating the work of all of the nominees and those 27 winners. We try to surround those awards with as much variety and entertainment as possible.

How far out do you start planning the Logies? What has to be locked in well in advance, as opposed to a later decision?
BW: It actually feels like the planning for next year starts the second we are off-air. The wheels are always in motion and things are constantly ticking away but the main production unit starts about 10 weeks out. To coincide with tour dates and album releases, usually the music acts are locked in a bit further out then the presenters follow.

Talk us through the scripting process? How much input do presenters have?
BW: For most awards we provide a guide script which is sent to presenters for their input and approval. From there, scripts are edited and finessed until everyone is totally happy with what they are doing.  Everyone who appears on stage is incredibly generous with their time and I think it’s important that they are all confident and comfortable with what they are saying. The comedians work hard on their own material and concepts which we stay across to make sure there is no double up of jokes or subject matter.

Memorable moments when they have gone off script?
BW: Something seems to happen most years…and as a general rule they normally involve Julia Morris. Quite often Hughesy, Pete Helliar or the comedic presenters wander off script but you back them in. They are in their natural habitat on stage so you just let them do their thing.

How do you work out who does / doesn’t feature in the In Memoriam tribute?
BW: This is actually one of the most difficult things we have to do. Unfortunately there are only so many people who can be included in the broadcast which means there are some incredibly talented people who miss out. It’s very tough and can be a very emotional decision at times but we do as much research as possible to ensure we get it right.

Should the Hall of Fame induct more than one entry?
BW: I’m a big believer in there only being one Hall of Fame inductee each year, I think that is what makes it such an incredibly special moment. For one night each year, the entire industry’s attention is focused on the incredible career and contribution of just one person. I think that person deserves that moment.

59th TV Week Logie Awards airs 7:30pm Sunday on Nine (Red Carpet 7pm, also available Live 4pm AEST on

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