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Line Of Duty


Line Of Duty

Season 2 Episode 6

"The Caddie"

AC12's investigation finally exposes a vicious criminal gang run from within the police...   [button color="red" size="small" link="" target="blank" ]Official Site[/button]



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Manish is spilling on the conspiracy, a little at least. He tells AC-12 how he dressed up a scrubber in uniform who “fitted the bill” for Carly’s body photos.


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Kate is sleeping in her car after her husband kicks her out.


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Steve goes undercover as a sympathizer to Denton, in order to get the evidence needed to take her down.


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We see a flashback that reveals the events that led to the cops getting killed. Denton stalks Dryden at the town hall paedo function. Later, she interrupts Dryden‘s fellatio from Carty with a disapproving glare. A startled Dryden pushes Carly out of the car, and drives off.


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Manish and Tommy drive up. Tommy beats Carly's a**, and then she runs away. Denton later investigates Tommy, and runs into Akers.


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DS Akers visits Denton at her home later that night.  Akers Dot Cottan is waiting in the car. When Akers hops in, he asks her if Denton agrees to the ambush, and if she wanted to know names.


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Dot Cottan tries to get Nigel Morton to say that Jeremy Cole was The Caddie. When Dot realizes that Nigel has figured it out, that he was The Caddie, he lunges at Nigel. Nigel hits him, drops his cane, and takes off like nothing is wrong with his leg! Later, in the police parking deck, he tells Dot that he has been faking for the disability check and the easy cases. He then tell Dot that he has copied all the information from Dots phone, so they both have something on each other. They agree to end the dispute.


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Kate and Steve confront Denton, at her home, about a large amount of cash stashed in an overnight bag. “Who are you to judge me?” she asks as she’s led away in cuffs. Denton is found guilty of conspiracy to murder, and the High Court Judge sentences her to life in prison.


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Dot Cottan gets a permanent position at anticorruption. He told Hastings that he was his guy.


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Carly Kirk is alive, and is shown boarding a ferry.




Line Of Duty Line Of Duty Line of Duty Line Of Duty





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