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Let's Watch Jennifer Lopez Play a Cop in the Shades of Blue Trailer (VIDEO)

You've been emailing, shouting, telegraphing requests at us for a first look at Jennifer Lopez as a cop in NBC's upcoming Shades of Blue and finally we can say, "HERE! HERE IT IS! Now stop bugging us!"

NBC has released the trailer for Shades of Blue, a new midseason drama coming to the network on Thursday, January 7 at 9pm. (Where it will open witha two-hour premiere before taking over for the canceled The Player.) Lopez plays a dirty cop who gets busted being dirty and therefore has to rat on her dirty boss (Ray Liotta). And at one point she strips down to a bra while straddling a guy, in case you only know Lopez from The Boy Next Door.

Watch this amazing trailer!

So... that doesn't look terrible? But it also doesn't look like it's anything all that new? Also, who really mistakes video-game gunfire for real gunfire to the point where they would shoot a guy over it? TV cops are the worst!

Shades of Blue premieres Thursday, January 7 at 9pm on NBC with a two-hour premiere. 

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