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Boy Meets Girl: Series 2 Episode 4 - BBC Two

Leo gets his eyebrows plucked - Boy Meets Girl: Series 2 Episode 4 - BBC Two

Pam makes sure that Leo will go and see The Franklin for the wedding reception.

The search is on for the perfect wedding venue. Leo and Judy are still mulling over ideas but barely find time to discuss them as their families are far too keen to help. Pam goes to tremendous lengths to convince them to hold the reception at a very smart hotel but is made to see sense before she bankrupts the family for life.

Peggy's baking paraphernalia comes to the fore when a baffled Dean requires another tutorial in trans matters. Tony and James, meanwhile, are put through their paces in the gym by Charlie, who has been given strict instructions by Pam to get Tony in shape for the wedding.

Boy Meets Girl: Series 2

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