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Season 1 Episode 9 & 10

"Wilderness of Mirrors"/"Identity"

Martin escapes from the Saudi's interrogation only to learn that Sonya and Aiden have been kidnapped. In the process of tracking them down, he learns more about the connection between Verax, Arcadia and his own past. Martin discovers that Verax may be plotting an assassination, led by a mysterious figure named John Cameron. When Martin gets kidnapped while investigating, he's shocked at what he discovers regarding his own identity. This season one finale becomes a race against time as Martin/DCO track Cameron and uncover their plans to infiltrate the US Government...[button color="black" size="small" link="" target="blank" ]Official Site[/button]


Following last episode’s cliffhanger Prince Fayeen’s men already revealed to Sebastian Egan that they knew he’s actually FBI agent Martin Odum (Sean Bean). Martin could only declare that he was going to kill his captors, yet the Saudis have leverage. Their other team has also captured Martin’s wife and son, and to prove this, they gave Martin a call and showed Sonya (Amber Valletta) and Aiden’s faces to him.

When one of the captors roughened up Sonya, she reacted by defending herself, hurting the man who attacked her. Everyone saw this, including her husband who was still on the video phone. This made Martin wonder later why his wife knew those deadly moves.

Meantime, Martin said he will cooperate, so long as his family was safe. He told his captors he will give them what they want, but as soon as they let their guards down, Martin attacked them and cornered Bashir, the leader of the captors. Martin was also able to contact the DCO, telling Gates (Steve Harris) that he got away from the Saudis. Later, Martin walked inside the DCO, haggard, bleeding and bruising. He had Bashir with him, and they brought him to interrogation.

Crystal (Ali Larter) questioned Bashir, advising him that his own family will die unless he told the truth. So Bashir dished that Arcadia was behind these kidnappings and the plot against Prince Abboud, and they were also the one who told Fayeen’s men that Martin was an agent.

The hunt for Sonya and Aiden was still on, but Bashir was not privy to the whereabouts of the other team. Suddenly, Martin received a text message from his son, who was able to get access to his mother’s cell phonebriefly. Maggie (Tina Marjorino) triangulated the signal so that Martin, together with Rice (Morris Chestnut) and Crystal, could rescue Sonya and Aiden. They did so without incident, and the Odum family was brought to a safe house.

The state’s attorney told the DCO that they were not pursuing the case against Arcadia and Price Fayeen, but Bashir will be prosecuted and tagged as the one responsible for the death of Prince Abboud. While Jibril (from the previous episode) was exonerated for this news, Martin did not like this decision, saying it was still a cover up. But there was nothing the DCO could do, as it was the state attorney’s final decision.

Then the show shifted to the running storyline: Who was Martin Odum? In order to help him and his search for his real identity, Crystal sought the help of her father, a top military man, to shed light on Operation Raining Fire. He explained that this was one of the biggest cover ups during the Iraq War, describing the incident as “worst friendly fire,” but that was all he knew.

Back at the safe house, Martin asked Sonya questions about the incident of February 2004. He told her that he knew she lied about him being in a car accident that time, so why did Sonya do it? Sonya caved and was about to tell the truth, but Martin noticed that their guard was missing, and the safe house was burning. The Odums escaped, but not after Sonya got shot. Who was after them?

Weak and nearly dying, Sonya revealed that she was CIA, brought in to protect Martin against a hit in Germany many years ago. But she also declared that ever since becoming his “wife,” Sonya quit her job and let go of her other legends to start a family with Martin because she wanted their relationship to be real.

Back at the DCO, Deputy Director Spiller revealed that, yes, Martin Odum was a legend who was tied to an incident in Iraq, and the only one who can tell him about his real identity would be Verax Corporation, specifically a man named John Cameron. Meantime, the Arcadia big boss was also murdered by top operatives of Verax. It looked like they have started cleaning up their mess, and they were intending to make the FBI take the fall.

The DCO was also able to look around Cameron’s apartment, where they found cash and a list of serial numbers. From these, it appeared that Cameron stole money in Iraq and then had American soldiers killed in the process. As they were looking into the apartment some more, Martin received a call from a guy claiming to be Cameron and DCO was able to trace this at a nearby motel.

When they got there, no one was around, but there were traces that someone had been there. As they were about to leave the place, the vehicle with the DCO agents was rammed into, and Martin was once again abducted.

Martin was taken by Verax, where he finally met Jason Shaw, one of the top brass of the company. He’s apparently someone Martin worked for in Iraq and he told him that Martin was actually from the MI6. Shaw injected Martin with sodium pentothal and started asking Martin questions about the money stolen in Iraq.

It was all becoming clear now. He was starting to remember Iraq vividly. Shaw was there and some of the other men from the photo Martin saw in a previous episode. They were part of the crew that stole the military’s pacification funds, and it was Shaw who ordered them to kill the American soldiers. He also remembered that Shaw’s team stole weapons of mass destruction in Iraq.

Martin remembered he took photos of the cash and weapons so he could expose what Shaw did, but he got beaten up by Shaw and his men. Operation Raining Fire was supposed to be a mission to stop Shaw. When Martin was able to escape the men, he made the call to base, declaring “broken arrow,” which meant that their location was friendly. However, enemies have breached it. Thus, a rain of bullets and firepower descended upon them.  Lastly, Martin remembered that he was, in fact, John Cameron, MI6.

Unfortunately, Cameron was another legend he used in Iraq, and now Shaw was setting him (Cameron) up to take the fall for Iraq and attack Director Bennett. But the DCO caught up to Martin (as Cameron), and Crystal and Rice helped him escape from this. He needed to disappear.

A montage of images followed after. The DCO has been shut down, while Martin’s peers believe he’s innocent. It doesn’t look like he will be able to find out who he really is just yet. And now, he’s on the run as yet another legend, with the help of Gates, who gave him a new identity and lay low from the eyes of the authorities.

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