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Lauren confides in Whitney. Is it all over for her and Steven?

Lauren has a girly chat with Whitney about the state of things between her and Steven. With relationships on her mind, Lauren later talks to Jane about men. Heading to the Vic,  Lauren finds Whitney, who encourages her friend to fight for her relationship.

Denise is feeling edgy about her meeting at the Minute Mart head office. Will it be bad news? Meanwhile, Carmel is forced to go ahead with the community meeting without Denise, but struggles to keep control. Instead of talking about community matters, it soon turns into a celebration for Donna’s birthday! When Denise returns to find the meeting in disarray, she’s fuming!

Ben’s 21st birthday is coming up but he’s reluctant to do anything for it. When Kathy insists Ben needs to celebrate such a big event, an annoyed Ben snaps that he’s not interested. Later, however, he has a change of heart. What’s he got in mind?


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