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Last Comic Standing


Last Comic Standing

"Finals: Top 4 to 3"

It's down to the wire as Joe, Lachlan, Nikki and Rod Man fight for their lives - and the final three spots...[button color="red" size="small" link="" target="blank" ]Official Site[/button]

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Last Comic Standing


The stakes are higher than they've ever been for the last four comics - Joe Machi, Nikki Carr, Lachlan Patterson and Rod Man - who all have made it to the second of three title rounds. Everyone's assembled at the Saban Theatre for an evening of killer stand-up.

Rod Man got his start at the Uptown Comedy Club in Atlanta, Georgia, where everyone told him that he needed to move to New York or Los Angeles to follow his dream. In his set, Rod Man focuses on his marriage. He's been with his wife for so long that she's no longer interested in impressing him. Rod Man is a lover of confident breasts, and he's come to discover they have a shelf life... which he blames on his daughters. The judges are full of compliments for Rod Man's artistry - the man has never had a bad set, and he makes the marathon of the show look easy.

Lachlan's first foray into comedy was taking a class, and once he got onstage, there was no turning back. He's been doing stand-up for 15 years, and people are just starting to find out about him - and he wants to win, bad. In his set, Lachlan admits he's ready to settle down and meet his "final woman," but he has yet to meet the lady that will do what he says - and properly appreciate his microwave. Russell tells Lachlan his style is as crooked as his smile. Roseanne thinks he's like a comedy miner, who keeps digging deeper and deeper.

Nikki has been performing stand-up for 17 years, and she's been making people laugh since she was a little kid. She's intensely grateful for everything the show has taught and given her, which she'll have forever. She's hoping to make her children, grandchildren and girlfriend very proud. For this round, Nikki discusses some myths around laziness. She just wants America to get along like they did on the beautiful Spanish island where she was born - the Bronx, whose residents put the unity in community. Roseanne tells Nikki she killed it, and Russell agrees. Keenen points out that Nikki's love of making people laugh is evident and working great.

Joe Machi explains that his career in comedy chose him, not the other way around. He loves being on the show because he gets to do what he loves around people he thinks are great. In his set, Joe brings his own inimitable brand of enthusiasm, while admitting he's a terrible actor, and calling the audience "gang" and "team." Keenen thinks Joe has changed throughout the competition; he started out nervous and awkward, and now he seems to have a twinkling confidence. Furthermore, Keenen thinks he can get away with more and has more edge when he plays nervous and awkward. Joe confirms that he's feeling exactly that way at that very moment. Roseanne is thoroughly impressed with Joe's newfound confidence and his ability to bring more fresh material than anyone else in the competition.

The judges have a tough time deciding whom to eliminate. Roseanne disagrees with Keenen and Russell and suggests arm wrestling for the final decision. In the end, Joe is chosen to go home, while Rod Man, Nikki and Lachlan will proceed to the finale to compete for the title of Last Comic Standing.

Last Comic Standing Last Comic Standing Last Comic Standing

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