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Last Comic Standing

Last Comic Standing (NBC) - Watch The Finale!

Last Comic Standing

"2-Hour Finale: Top 3 to 1"

Who will be this season's Last Comic Standing - Lachlan, Nikki or Rod Man? Featuring performances by Roseanne and Russell Peters - and Alingon Mitra's...[button color="red" size="small" link="" target="blank" ]Official Site[/button]

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Last Comic Standing


Armed only with a microphone and their low self-esteem, three comics make their way to the Saban Theatre to try to claim the crown they covet most - and $250,000 and an NBC development deal for their own show! JB takes the stage to introduce the judges, who claim that anything goes tonight - but only one comic can win. Tonight all three comics will perform; the judges will eliminate one of them, and the remaining pair will then go head-to-head.

The first performance of the night belongs to Canadian Lachlan Patterson, who is dressing for success in a palm tree spotted T-shirt. Lachlan's set is all about his practice of watching TV at three in the morning, which is when he likes to see nudity, but cooking shows? Not really. Keenen tells the audience that Lachlan wants the win badly; he was pacing the stage like a panther. Russell says Lachlan's name should be Shocklan, and Roseanne thinks he took it up about 10 notches.

After a backstage visit from the rest of the Top 10, Nikki Carr takes the stage to celebrate her birthday... which is next month. Actually, she's more concerned about living to age 100, which is just too old. Nevertheless she's been going the distance to take care of her body, despite her lack of athleticism. Since coming to LA, she's been going to the gym every day. Actually, his name is James, but they call him Jim, and he's the wardrobe guy for Last Comic Standing. This is a joke Russell just loves - when you know a joke is real, it's twice as funny!

Rod Man is the third finalist to perform, and he has a lot to say about his experience of Mexican culture in Los Angeles. Rod Man loves the Mexican people; they're family-oriented, and they're hustlers. They will try to sell anything, and many Mexican people have tried to sell Rod Man a variety of goods with varying degrees of success, including corn on the cob, funyuns and tamales. JB scares Rod Man, asking Keenen if he's still standing... he is.

While the judges are deliberating over which two finalists will move on to the final showdown, JB introduces formerly eliminated contestant Alingon Mitra, winner of the online Comic Comeback competition. His prize? A stand-up performance in the finale!

JB calls the three finalists to the stage to reveal the judge's decision. Nikki will move on, Lachlan will move on... and so will Rod Man! It's a near miss for Rod Man. While the contestants prep for their final set, Russell hits the stage to perform a set of his own.

The surprise of the night? Judge Roseanne Barr performs her own stand-up set, for the first time on network television in a long, long time. Roseanne addresses a wide variety of subjects: her five children, aging, her vajunior, running for president and solving the world economic crisis.

The three finalists take the stage one more time to perform their last sets of the season. The stakes are high - $250,000 and a development deal for an NBC show. It's a near-impossible decision for the judges, but in the end, Season 8's Last Comic Standing is Rod Man!

Last Comic Standing

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