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Lady Gaga Is Bisexual on American Horror Story: Hotel!

la-et-lady-gaga-ahs-american-horror-story-hotel-season-5-teaser-20150225SPOILER ALERT: Lady Gaga's first acting role definitely will be something to talk about!

American Horror Story: Hotel boss Ryan Murphy, along with the full cast, just spilled details on what everyone is playing this year.  And it was just revealed that Gaga's character will be bisexual and will be hooking up with Matt BomerAngela Bassett Finn Wittrock and Cheyenne Jackson. (And maybe more?)

Here's what Ryan Murphy and the Hotel cast just revealed about the new season, and who's doing what, starting Oct. 7:

Lady Gaga: "Will play a character who has relationships with Angela [Bassett] andMatt [Bomer]," Ryan Murphy reveals. "She's playing the owner of the hotel. A wealthy social doyenne. She's consumed with art and fashion and people, and she has a nefarious plan that is revealed in the first episode. She starts working on Monday."

"In the first two days, she has a pretty spectacular murder scene with Matt Bomer," Ryan adds.

Matt Bomer: "I play Donovan. I'm closely associated with Miss Gaga. He has very interesting relationships with relationships with ladyfolk and I'll just leave it at that."

Angela Bassett: "I'm sexy, have a strong long lasting relationship with Stefani's [Lady Gaga] character. The character is also this fabulous actress."

Finn Wittrock: "I'm playing a male model named Tristan Duffy always looking for the next high and he finds the biggest high in Lady Gaga. We have a LOT to do together."

Cheyenne Jackson: "I'm playing Drake, fashion icon, he's trying to creatively reestablish himself, moves to LA, a father and a little desperate."

Denis O'Hare: "I'm playing Liz Taylor, movie icon, playing a person who is inspired by the awesomeness of Cleopatra and the eye makeup. I shaved my head for the part and other body parts. I work in the hotel and the lounge called Blue Parrot Lounge."

Chloe Sevigny "Alex Lowell and I'm the wife of Wes Bentley  a mother and a doctor. We are dealing with a great loss in our family and coming to grips with that among other things."

Wes Bentley: "Husband of Chloe's character. I'm investigating some grisly murders which brings me to the hotel."

Kathy Bates: "I play Iris. I also am very very sexy. [laughs] I run the hotel. I have relationships with Matt Bomer and Wes. And I can't stand you [Sarah Paulson]. I hate you. I don't know if I get to work with Angela. I hope. Liz Taylor."

Sarah Paulson "I play Sally. I live at the hotel, I hate Iris in a rather ancient way for reasons that are revealed quickly. I have a sort of budding relationships with Wes' character... I'm vile. I'm a nasty girl...The character is sexy and a drug addict. Not that drug addicts are sexy [laughs], not because I think drug addicts are sexy. She's unlike anthing I've done on the show, really unlike anything I've done before."


Ryan also confirmed that all seasons of the show are connected—and more guest stars will be coming in! "You will see people from various seasons check into the hotel. People you have known from other seasons. The characters all being connected in some way is really fun to write to. You'll see that starting in episode 6 or 7. There are some big ones this year."

As for the overall tone of season five: "The season we're doing this year harkens back to the first season, which is most more rooted in honest primal fears like the first season was."

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