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Kerry O’Brien quits Four Corners


Veteran broadcaster Kerry O’Brien will leave Four Corners at the end of this season, ending a five year run as presenter, but insists “this is not retirement.”

“I have been extremely proud to be associated with Four Corners for the past five years,” hesaid. “No other brand has been as enduring or as respected in Australian television and I have felt enormously privileged to be a part of it all again, albeit in a part-time capacity.

“This is not retirement for me. I have more than enough to get on with. It’s taken me this long to write my first book so I figure I’d better start now if I want to complete a second. I also have other ideas, which may offer the opportunity to work again with the ABC.”

ABC Managing Director Mark Scott said: “The ABC audience has known, trusted and respected Kerry O’Brien for decades.

“In recent years at Four Corners he was able to synthesise important and often complex stories in a way that helped audiences stay and appreciate the very best in Australian journalism. It has been a golden era at Four Corners, and Kerry has been a vital part of the team.”

Director of News Gaven Morris said, “He has set the agenda and broken stories for decades with integrity and passion.

“Above all else, he’s held the powerful to account and let no office or authority deter his aim of getting answers to questions that mattered to Australians.

“I am sure he will continue to play a significant role in Australian journalism. I thank Kerry for his enormous contribution and wish him all the best in his future endeavours, including with us at ABC News.

Four Corners Executive Producer Sally Neighbour said: “Kerry is an iconic journalist and formidable role model who has inspired and mentored generations of reporters.

“For his colleagues and viewers, Kerry personifies the dedication to fearless, ground-breaking journalism that is the hallmark of Four Corners.”

ABC is yet to announce his 2016 replacement or identify other TV projects for him.

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