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Kendall Jenner, Cara Delevinge to Have a Reality TV Show?

Close friends and super models Kendal Jenner and Cara Delevinge have been in talks with networks about having their own reality TV show that will center on their day to day lives and adventures (or perhaps misadventures).

opening-ceremony-calvin-klein-jeans-celebrate-the-launch-of-the-mycalvins-denim-series-with-special-guest-kendall-jennerAccording to TV3, the two super models have been pitched as the new "Simple Life" for a new generation of fans. For those who remember "Simple Life," the series showcased friends and reality TV stars Paris Hilton and Nicole Richie as they  went around America and how they interacted with everyday people.

OK Magazine UK reports that the two models will make for interesting TV as they are the age in where their luxurious life style might actually catch up with them sooner or later. While it may be difficult for Jenner to be seen on TV drinking or clubbing since she is only 19, Delevinge is already 22 and could get the pair into a lot of trouble.

Delevinge is already known to be a party girl and giving camera crews full access to their everyday lives could find the girls into more problems than they are equipped to deal with, and that is always makes good TV, according to one TV executive.

It could be difficult for Jenner to do another TV show, however, as she is already starring on "Keeping Up with the Kardashians" and that is already a full time job if you also include her modeling into the picture.

Delevingne is also wary of starring in a reality TV show as she recently admitted that it would be scary to make the jump from modeling to acting. The British model stated that acting is a thrill because you have to make audiences believe that you are a whole different person on screen, while in the modeling world, it is pretty much the direct opposite.

The "Paper Towns" star admits that she doesn't even recognize what fashion is anymore and it will be difficult for her to leave the business. According to Delevingne, modeling is a business in where you are scared to leave, but once you do and try to go back, you don't even realize what happened.

Those close to the project believe that the deal to make the show is close to being finished and filming for the first season could start as early as this year.


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