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Ken stuns Sinead with an announcement

Robert admits he overheard Daniel’s conversation and congratulates him on his place at Oxford University. Ken’s clearly overjoyed, and organises a family meal to celebrate. Meanwhile Sinead takes Daniel to view a flat but when they later arrive at the bistro Sinead’s stunned as a proud Ken announces they’re celebrating Daniel’s acceptance to Oxford!

 Toyah’s perturbed to find a stash of cash in the kitchen but keeps her counsel. Meanwhile when Peter tells her that he’s worried about one of his regular fares as their ex keeps bothering them, Toyah encourages Peter to check on them, assuming it’s a man. Will Peter call at Chloe’s house?

Seb is put out when Faye doesn’t seem to have time to see him. Consumed with jealousy Seb lets his temper get the better of him.

Nick begs Michelle not to tell Leanne about their fumble but will she listen?

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