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Season 5 Episode 7

"Raw Deal"

Boyd and the Crowes fly South for a crucial drug score, while Raylan pursues a small time grifter with big time enemies.....


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The Crowes load up their weapons, leaving Kendall to run Audrey’s by himself, while over in prison Ava sees her visitation time running out, no Boyd in sight. Fellow inmate Penny encourages Ava to rely on the heavenly Mother instead, cryptically suggesting it might save her life.


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Meanwhile, the Crowes enter Johnny Crowder’s warehouse to find it entirely empty, as Boyd steps out of the shadows with a similar conclusion. Realizing that Johnny has gone to Mexico to intercept his heroin deal, Boyd plots a new purpose for the Crowes.



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Raylan arrives to the station early, having been humiliatingly tasked with walk-ins by Art, as a man named Larry shows up first thing, demanding his online backgammon winnings from a site that the Marshals seized. Raylan finds that the website was run by Charles Munroe, but the notice of seizure misspells “Marshall,” and was likely the work of a hacker. The man angrily leaves, as the department’s tech guy Chris points to the website’s creator TC Fleming as the most likely culprit.


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Meanwhile, TC plays video games with his girlfriend Candace, before the two are interrupted by Larry and his large enforcer Mr. Kemp, who demand the money returned, despite TC’s insistence he doesn’t have a physical copy of it. Kemp threatens Candace to force TC’s cooperation, but when Larry reveals the sum of $250,000, Kemp shoots his employer and demands the money for himself.


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Elsewhere, Ava meets with Christian inmate leader Judith (‘True Blood’ star Dale Dickey), who explains that their group is protected for smuggling in drugs, not their faith, something Ava would have to help them continue.


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Down in Mexico, Johnny Crowder meets with Boyd’s intended cartel contact, explaining his intent to outbid his cousin for the heroin contract, and accepting a bag over his head to be taken to their Chinese supplier Mr. Yuen.


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Meanwhile, Allison arrives to work at child protective services to find Wendy Crowe leaving, having revealed Allison’s relationship with Raylan to damage her career. Back at TC’s apartment, Kemp is forced to leave with Candace when Raylan arrives, tensely greeting the lawman on the way out.


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Raylan scarcely even has to ask TC any questions before finding Larry’s blood, for which TC manages to slip out a window and slide down a flagpole, revealing a fake leg, and flipping a bemused Raylan off in the process.


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Back down south, Boyd arrives at Mr. Yuen’s mansion under a similar black hood, but finds Johnny already waiting in the man’s meeting room. Johnny insists that he can easily outbid Boyd for the contract, which Yuen reveals to include Boyd’s life as well. Keeping cautious however, Yuen reveals his intent to go with Johnny once his own money arrives, reverting back to Boyd if it doesn’t. Meanwhile back at the police station, Raylan finds himself relegated to tracking down Mr. Kemp, despite his enthusiasm for getting back at TC for his humiliating escape.


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Boyd and Johnny remain captive outside the mansion, as Boyd attempts to remind his cousin of better times between them, shortly before Johnny’s contact arrives to make good on the money. Meanwhile, Rayland and Allison share drinks over her job suspension, before Raylan finds his credit card declined. TC swiftly calls, claiming responsibility for Raylan’s declined card, even as Raylan insists their own tech guys will help track TC before long. Elsewhere, Kendall Crowe finds himself brushed off by Wendy, for which he calls his “Uncle J” to inquire of his whereabouts.


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Ava follows Penny into the prison showers for introductions to the guard and custodian who smuggle in the drugs, in exchange for sexual favors. Ava isn’t put to work just yet, instead collecting the drugs, though she covertly places them back in the custodian’s belt when his head is turned.


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Meanwhile, Raylan leads the Marshals into a hotel room TC had been traced to, but is disappointed to only find Kemp and Candace. However, Candace freely gives up TC’s true location, given that he’d earlier insulted her coding abilities. Awhile later, Raylan arrests TC for real in his grandmother’s basement, the felon admitting in the car ride after that he’d lost his leg to cancer growing up.


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Raylan returns to the station to find that Art denies his request to have Darryl Crowe’s parole revoked, for which Raylan finally decides to confront his boss personally. Tired of the passive aggression, Raylan insists Art either treat him like a deputy or transfer him, anywhere besides Florida. Art agrees to consider it, while Raylan insists he’ll take some vacation time in Florida in the meantime. Meanwhile, Judith and Penny inform Ava that their custodian connection got busted with the drugs, for which Ava suggests she can provide a replacement that won’t involve trading sex.


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Wendy sits down for drinks with Raylan, even as Raylan continually rejects her advances and points out that she should help him put away Darryl, even revealing how Darryl killed her brother Dilly.


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Meanwhile, out in the desert, Johnny puts Boyd on his knees and goes to open their stolen heroin truck, when out from the back pour the Crowes, turning the tables. Boyd admits Yuen was in on their ruse, and offers Johnny’s men the chance to return to their original positions as Hot Rod Dunham’s men, though Danny Crowe opens fire, claiming someone pulled on him. Johnny laughs that Boyd has no means to smuggle the heroin, for which Boyd finally shoots his cousin, and calls Mr. Yuen to relay their new problem.



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