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John Oliver Took Out Ads on Cable News to Educate Donald Trump

President Donald Trump loves to watch TV. In fact, it's where he gets most of his information from and it influences him greatly. He even threatened to invade Chicago after he watched The O'Reilly Factor last month. This is a problem, because cable news is not the most reliable or well-rounded source of information, and yet our president is taking policy cues from these sources.

That's why on the season premiere of Last Week Tonight, John Oliver revealed that he's taken out ads on cable news shows Trump is known to watch -- Morning Joe on MSNBC, New Day on CNN and Fox & Friends on Fox News -- in order to try to educate Trump on some of the issues he's uninformed on.

The first ad, which ran this morning in the DC area, explains the nuclear triad, which are the types of nuclear weapons in the country's arsenal, and is something Trump struggled to define during the debates. Later ads will explain the tenets of the Geneva Convention, the difference between global warming and weather, and the notion that "not all black people live in the inner cities, and not all people in the inner cities are black."

So if you're watching CNN tomorrow and see an ad with a cowboy that makes you go "huh," thank John Oliver.

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