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Janetking1 (2)

janet king

Season 1 Episode 1

"A Song of Experience"

Senior Prosecutor Janet King returns from maternity leave to confront a high-profile murder, and a conspiracy which will have shocking ramifications throughout the judicial system....



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Steve Blakely gives his dying wife a fatal dose of morphine.


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While leaving the coroner's hearing, Blakely is bombarded by the press. They want to know if his actions were deliberate or accidental.


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Janer heads to work, after  a year's maternity leave.


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Janet's first case is against a sexual predator, Alex Mareno. Moreno claims he knew that the girl he was chatting with online was not underage, so there was no crime committed.


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Andy tells Lina that their dinner plans would have to wait, because he has to serve an arrest warrant on Blakely.


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Janet runs into Rizzoli while getting groceries. He tells her that he will visit her courtroom when she gives her closing arguments.


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Janet spends time with her family. She talks to Ashleigh about her challenging day.


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Owen assumed that he would be taking the Blakely case, but Tracey tells him that Janet will the prosecutor.


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Chief Superintendent Jack Rizzoli demands to know why Janet was put on the case of Steve Blakely, and not Owen Mitchell. Tracey tells him that Owen is too close with Blakely, and Janet will give transparency to the process.


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Janet's team talks to Blakely. He tells them that he doesn't know if his father's actions where intentional, but he believes that it is possible.


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After serving the warrant to Blakely, Andy invites him to dinner with him and Lina.


Screenshot 2014-03-01 06.48.33

Janet gives her closing arguments for the Moreno case.


Screenshot 2014-03-01 17.55.39 Screenshot 2014-03-01 17.55.46

Blakely meets with Owen, Rizzoli, and Andy. They tell him that he has to plead manslaughter.


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While leaving the bond hearing for Blakely,  Janet and Richard run into Tatum. She tells them that she is working n a sex trafficking case.


Screenshot 2014-03-01 20.41.04 Screenshot 2014-03-01 20.40.29

The judges finds Moreno innocent, and he is free to go.


Screenshot 2014-03-01 20.53.39 Screenshot 2014-03-01 20.54.44

Determined not to lose another case, Janet and Richard focus on Blakely. They find information that proves that Blakely's actions were not accidental.


Screenshot 2014-03-01 20.41.47 Screenshot 2014-03-01 20.56.05

In court, Janet reveals her findings to the court, and insists that Blakely should be sentenced for no less than eight years in prison.


Screenshot 2014-03-01 21.02.52 Screenshot 2014-03-01 21.03.12

Back at the office, Rizzoli is furious at Janet for what she did in court. He has words with her, and finally, Tony escorts him out of her office.


Screenshot 2014-03-01 21.09.40 Screenshot 2014-03-01 21.09.51

Janet heads back to court, where Blakely's daughter tells her what she really feels about her.


Screenshot 2014-03-01 21.10.16 Screenshot 2014-03-01 21.10.09

Blakely did not show for court, and his lawyer doesn't know where he might be. The judge issues a warrant for Blakely's arrest.


Screenshot 2014-03-01 18.02.38 Screenshot 2014-03-01 18.01.30

Andy goes to Blakely's home, but he is not there. He checks his computer and calls Janet. He tells her that Blakely had left a message, "Please forgive me."


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