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Jane the Virgin: Rogelio's Full-Frontal Role Leads to New Career Options

Adios, Tiago! Jane the Virgin's Rogelio (Jaime Camil) is getting a new job.

After he went full frontal in an indie film -- which the entire Villanueva family will see together, awkward! -- the popular telenovela actor will say goodbye to his starring role on the time-traveling Tiago and continue to seek out mainstream American fame.

But Jane's lovable but thirsty father won't be able to stay away from the telenovela world for long.

"He's going to be doing -- eventually -- Guillermo's Travels," series creator Jennie Synder Urman tells us. "He is shrunken and lives in the bosom of his great true love, but she can't hear him."

Now, now. Don't cry, guys! For those of you who, like us, will be mourning the loss of the meddling Tiago, look on the bright side! Everything is being rebooted these days!

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