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James Franco to Join the X-Men Universe with “Multiple Man”

It has been confirmed that James Franco will be in the X-Men film franchise. However, it is interesting to note that Franco won’t be just one more X-Man in an upcoming X-Men movie. Instead, he is developing his own movie at the moment through his Ramona Films. After which, Franco will be serving as the producer as well as the lead actor for the resulting movie. There isn’t too much information that has been released about the movie at this point in time, but Franco has stated that it will follow in the footsteps of both Logan and Deadpool in
that it will be R-rated in nature. While that means sacrificing some segments of the movie-going population, the move makes sense in that it will serve to further distinguish movies in the X-Men franchise from their counterparts over in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, thus reducing the competitive pressure exerted upon them.

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Multiple Man

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