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Isaiah performs for Eurovision juries

Eurovision juries around the world have already voted for the First Semi Final.

While viewers get to vote in the Live Semi Final (5am Wednesday AEST), the juries vote during the Final Dress Rehearsal, comprising 50% of the scores.

We won’t know the results until tomorrow morning.

Here’s a selection of reactions.

News Corp:
His voice was in sterling form, his lower register recalling the smooth soul tones of Motown stars while he nailed the higher notes of his big finish.

There were no missteps on the revolving turntable now nicknamed Suzy (after a Lazy Susan) and his waterfall pyros provided exactly the kind of spectacular the Eurovision audience demands.

Hand gestures which had appeared awkward in earlier rehearsals were relaxed and Isaiah nailed his camera angles, filling the screen with flashes of his infectious smile.
He scored huge cheers in the stadium and press centre after his performance and again when they recapped it ahead of the jury voting.

Australia’s team have finally arrived at their dreamscape, bringing Isaiah into technicolour focus with a series of stunning LED images of the singer in blue and pink. There are moments when the camera cuts off all sense of the arena and audience, allowing us to bask in Isaiah’s melodic voice and the high-impact but soothing colours on the wall. The Lazy Susan turntable seems less prominent — and we no longer see its undercarriage — helping keep us in that fantasy. As much as this has improved, its “moment” — a pyro rainfall — isn’t particularly memorable. Following Tamara’s performance, this felt somehow sleepy and quiet.

Isaiah unfortunately starts with the first vocal mistake of tonight in his first sentence. However, he recovers strongly. Vocally this is his strongest performance of the week. He still does not always look comfortable on the stage though, in terms of his choreography. The song is definitely jury friendly as it is both non-offensive as well as suitable for radio. It should bring Isaiah somewhere in tonight’s competition.

Semi Final One 5am Wednesday (including Australian voting) repeated 7:30pm Friday on SBS.

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