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Into the Badlands (AMC) Talked About Scene - "The Widow's Ambush"

The Widow launches an attack to take back her oil fields from Ryder and Jade! 

Out at the oil fields – which Quinn raided from the Widow – Ryder's armadillo flag flies high. Tilda, the Widow's daughter who's now clad in a black suit instead of a Butterfly uniform, sneaks up on one of Ryder's patrolling Clippers and stabs him in the neck.

Meanwhile, Ryder converses with an engineer about a decline in oil production. The engineer blames it on worker Cogs who are running away to the Widow's Sanctuary for safe refuge. Ryder stiffens at the Widow's name and Jade takes over to suggest making a new deal with Baron Chau for fresh Cogs. The Widow, who's hiding up above, signals Tilda to launch a grenade dart. Oil barrels burst into flames as Ryder's Clippers take him to safety. The Widow, Tilda and their army of Butterflies swoop in and attack the remaining Clippers.

Cormac runs off with Jade to protect her. The Widow pursues them, taking out all Clippers in her way, and keeps her eyes on Jade. Cormac gets Jade to a rooftop and stays behind. The Widow mercilessly slices through Cormac's body with two blades then hacks off his head.

On the roof, the Widow hurls a pair of throwing stars at the final group of Clippers who are protecting Jade, killing them all in one swift move. She corners Jade, puts a dagger to her throat and instructs her to deliver a message to Ryder: "I've reclaimed my oil fields. If he tries to take them back, there will be blood." She cuts the rope that holds Ryder's armadillo sign, then walks off, leaving Jade unharmed.

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