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Into the Badlands (AMC) Talked About Scene - "Sunny Faces His Demons"

In a nightmare, Sunny faces off against the ghosts of all the people he has killed.

In Sunny's dream, Veil plans to leave and take Henry away from Sunny. Sunny hears Artemis laugh and runs out of the farmhouse, only to find she's not there. He hears Veil scream, returns to the farmhouse and finds Veil dead. He sobs as he holds her body, then notices bloody footsteps and follows them outside. Artemis points him in the direction of the pig pen, where Sunny finds Henry covered in blood. Henry admits he killed Veil because he didn't want to leave. "I'm going to be just like you," Henry says.

Sunny grabs a sword and runs to the woods to find Artemis. He whips out Moon's sword, but Artemis reminds Sunny that he has already killed her and her brother. "We're nothing but black lines on your back now," she taunts. Just then, ghostly figures of Sunny's past victims surround him with swords and slash lines on Sunny's back in the shape of his Clipper tattoos.



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