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Into the Badlands (AMC) Talked About Scene - "Snake Creeps Down"

Sunny faces off against The Widow while M.K. uses his dark chi to protect Tilda from Bale.

M.K. sets Tilda free. Bale tries to stop M.K., but Tilda kicks Bale and they tussle. Bale locks M.K. in the cell, so he can only watch while Bale beats Tilda. At the same time, Sunny slashes a spear across The Widow's torso, spilling blood.

As Bale readies to finish Tilda, M.K. cuts himself and releases his dark energy. He palm-slams the metal cell door, which sends Bale flying into a rusted iron spike, impaling him. The Widow, Tilda and Sunny stare at M.K. in his dark state.

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