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Into the Badlands (AMC) Talked About Scene - "Quinn & Veil's Wedding"

Lydia performs Quinn and Veil’s wedding ceremony.

Quinn, Lydia and Veil sit down for food and wine. Quinn toasts to his "impending demise" and takes a jab at Veil's phony treatments, as well as her murder of Edgar. He says Veil's actions made him realize that "our boy" is safest by Quinn’s own side and proposes marriage to make Henry his rightful heir. Lydia and Veil balk, but Quinn asserts they will all raise Henry together.

As she gets ready for the wedding, Veil confides in Lydia about wanting to kill Quinn and her refusal to consummate "this sham." Lydia reminds her that Quinn's Loyalists won't hesitate to avenge Quinn's death, and Lydia promises to get them both out if she follows along for now.

Lydia officiates the wedding as Quinn's Loyalists watch. Quinn slices Veil's palm so they can join bloodlines and hands her a dagger to do the same. She cuts his palm and Lydia hurriedly grabs the knife. "Till death," Quinn vows. After the ceremony, Veil hands Henry to Lydia and asks her to take care of him "no matter what."

In Quinn's private quarters, Veil undresses in front of Quinn as part of the marriage “consummation.” As he kisses her, she reaches for a razor she's hidden in her garter belt.

Lydia paces in Veil's barbershop before deciding to escape with Henry. She’s caught by a Loyalist, right when Gabriel hurries over with an important report about Sunny's ambush and new alliance with the Widow. Lydia insists Quinn be told immediately.

Just as Veil is about to cut his neck, Lydia barges in, carrying Henry, with the report and the interruption prompts Veil to release the razor. Quinn walks out. Veil holds Henry and tears up over the news that Sunny is alive.


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