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Into the Badlands (AMC) Talked About Scene - "Outnumbered & Unarmed"

Sunny and Bajie fight their way out of Nos's junkyard fortress.

As Sunny and Bajie prepare to leave, Nos confronts Sunny about Portia's request to have him killed – information he overheard from the Doll in Bajie's room. Nos thanks Sunny for "not taking the honor," but shows off the slashes on Portia's face as her punishment. Nos deems Portia worthless as a Doll and mentions Amelia's potential. Sunny asks to take Portia and Amelia with him, as the sword he traded is worth more than just passage, but Nos declines the offer and jabs a knife into Portia's side while Amelia watches. Sunny refuses to leave without them and springs into action as Nos's Mechs surround him.

Sunny battles the group of Mechs, flinging a hubcap into one of the Mech's throats in the process. As the fight ensues, Bajie carries Portia to the car Nos has provided for passage, but the keys are missing from the ignition. Nos prepares to kill Amelia with Moon’s sword, but Bajie steps in and knocks out Nos with a bat. Bajie then takes the car keys and ushers Amelia away. As more Mechs come at Sunny, Bajie throws Moon's sword to Sunny so he can finish the fight. Sunny, Bajie, Portia and Amelia escape from the compound in Nos's car.



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