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Into the Badlands (AMC) Talked About Scene - "Father vs Son"

Father and son face off as Quinn seeks his revenge on Ryder.

Quinn finds Jade and condemns her deceit. Through a window, he sees Ryder running. Jade begs him not to hurt Ryder, but Quinn pursues him.

Ryder races through a maze of hedges outside the mansion, and Quinn catches up to him in the garden. "You can't run away from what you did," Quinn tells him. Ryder says the world is better without Quinn. They tussle until Quinn hands a sword to Ryder and demands he “do it with honor” this time and take what’s his. As Ryder hesitates, Quinn turns the sword around and pushes it into Ryder's chest – much to Quinn’s own shock. He cradles his dying son as Declan appears and instructs him that they must leave. Jade runs towards Ryder’s body and cries.


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