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Into the Badlands (AMC) Talked About Scene - "'Don't Start What You Can't Finish"

Tilda confronts the Widow about the deceptions she used in her climb to power.

Tilda approaches the Widow with news that she couldn't find Sunny in the woods. The Widow casts doubts on Tilda’s genuine attempt and notes her behavior has changed ever since Veil was at the Sanctuary. Tilda admits she no longer knows who the Widow is. "Power's changed you," Tilda says. Tilda admits she should have poisoned her when she had the chance. The Widow tears up and backhands Tilda hard, and Tilda retaliates with a kick.

The two go at it with full force until the Widow grabs two swords and tosses one to Tilda. They lock blades and fly at one another around the Conservatory. The Widow cuts Tilda and tries to call a draw, but Tilda keeps up and gut kicks the Widow as the two continue to spill blood. The Widow kicks Tilda down a flight of stairs and cuts down a glass chandelier so it lands on top of her. After Tilda tells the Widow to finish her off, the Widow hits her with a spinning back kick. Tilda crumples to the ground.

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