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Into the Badlands (AMC) Talked About Scene - "Battle w/ the Abbots"

Sunny, Ava, and M.K. battle with three Abbots sent by The Master.

At the lodge, M.K. finds an old magazine that features Azra's skyline on its cover. He shows it to Ava as proof the Master has been lying to them. They hear a noise -- the Abbots have arrived.

The Abbots use their tracker as Ava and M.K. try to escape from the lodge. In the lobby, a hand grabs M.K. It's Sunny. Before they can all make it out, the Abbots find them.

Sunny draws Moon's ringed sword and rushes Cyan, the same Abbot who defeated him in the Badlands, while M.K. and Ava fight the other two. Sunny tells M.K. to cut himself, but M.K. tells him that his power doesn't work anymore. Ava summons her power instead. The Abbots follow suit and resume their battle with enhanced power. After Cyan sends M.K. and Sunny flying, Ava is caught between all three Abbots. She tries to keep up, but Cyan hits her with a powerful chi blast that impales her on a spike. Before one of the Abbots can kill M.K., Ava manages to push her bare fingers through the Abbot’s throat, then collapses. The Abbots’ truck crashes into the lodge and Bajie steps out of the cab. Cyan greets Bajie as his brother. Bajie admits to Sunny he was an Abbot "in another life" and goes after Cyan, who notes that Bajie has lost his own gift. Bajie hits Cyan with a pressure-point strike, shutting down his power. Cyan hits five points on Sunny's chest before Sunny slices Cyan’s face in half.

At the Sanctuary, Veil tells the Widow she hasn’t translated the Azra book. The Widow uncovers the bottle of poison Veil had given to Tilda and confronts her about trying to turn Tilda against her. The Widow says she can't find a reason to forgive Veil, but her "conscience is clear.” Quinn appears, ready to take Veil and Henry back "home."

At the lodge, M.K. watches as Ava dies. He cries over her body. Suddenly, Sunny clutches his chest and collapses.





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