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Into the Badlands (AMC) Season 2 Finale Talked About Scene

Just when Sunny thinks the fight is over, Quinn reappears to disrupt Sunny's reunion with Veil.

Sunny spots Veil and rushes over to bust her out of the barbershop. They tearfully embrace and share a passionate kiss just as a remaining Loyalist, Jenkins, walks in. Bajie bum-rushes Jenkins so that Veil and Sunny can go after Quinn. Jenkins rises to his feet and goes after Bajie. The two brawl inside the barbershop until Bajie throws Jenkins into a shelf. Jenkins recovers and goes after Bajie with a pair of scissors. Bajie manages to use a shard of glass to cut into Jenkin's throat, killing him, but notices he's been stabbed in the gut during the exchange. "What kind of a death is that?" Bajie jokes. He uncovers the compass from his pocket and laments being "this close" and wonders who will save the world now.

Sunny finds Quinn in his office and demands Henry back. Quinn presses a switch and the bunker starts to collapse from the subsequent explosion. He warns Sunny again to turn back, but Veil orders Sunny to kill Quinn. Sunny and Quinn both draw their swords and face-off in a meticulous battle as they spin through the air. The pair crashes though the office window and end up on the concourse floor below to continue the fight as Veil makes her way down with Henry. Quinn plunges his sai into Sunny, who urges Veil to flee, but before she can leave, Quinn hurls another sai at her leg and she drops to the ground. He holds a sword to Veil's face but before he can strike, Sunny throws his ringed sword into Quinn's back and the battle is back on. They chase each other around the bunker until Sunny delivers a final plunge into Quinn's gut and swoops back down to get Veil. Sunny looks for Bajie, but Veil urges them to leave before the bunker fully collapses. He takes Henry in his arms and starts out just as Quinn grabs Veil from behind and offers her in exchange for Henry. "You can't have both," he tells Sunny. Veil tells Sunny she loves him and plunges Quinn's sai into her own throat and impaling Quinn, killing them both in the process. As Veil dies, she begs Sunny to teach Henry to "be good."

Sunny buries Veil and sets off into the woods with Henry in his arms.

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