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Secrets of the Secret Service


Secrets of the Secret Service

Season 1 Episode 4

"The Secrets of the Secret Service"


Hello Mr. President.....

Two freelance American journalists were arrested by the Syrian military for "Grave offenses to the Syrian people." They were there to cover the bloody civil war and alleged war rimes by the Syrian military. There are people in the Syrian government that want to execute them on national television. The team is trying to find the specs for the buildidng where the journalists are being held, but Lillian explains to them that there aren't any, plus there are no assets on the ground either. Lillian tells the team that their way in will be former President Stanwick Finnigan. Finnigan has been tasked by the White House to travel to Syria and negotiate for the release of the journalists. Lillian tells Gabriel and Rylie that they will be embedded into Finnigan's Secret Service detail, and Jameson will pose as a doctor to check on the health of the journalists. The team boards the plane of the former President, and are greeted by Rylie's former colleagues. Then the Detail Leader comes in, and refers to Rylie as "Thriller." Rylie introduces Gabriel to Special Agent in Charge Charlie Griffin. After a conversation, Gabriel turns to Rylie and says, "You didn't always hate him. Official reprimand for consorting with an agent." Rylie tells him that he promised not to look through her files, and he says that he is not in her files. He tells her that he is in his files, and walks off smiling. Later the President walks out to meet Gabriel. The President looks at him in amazement, and apologizes for staring. He says that a human with a chip implant was just a theory, and now Gabriel is standing in front of him. He asks Gabriel to tell him something that only he would know. Gabriel whispers something in his ear, and the President looks at him and starts laughing. Rylie asks the President why he allowed them to accompany him on a diplomatic mission when he knew that it was a covert operation. He says that the Syrians are going through the motions and talks will breakdown after day one. He wants create a diversion while Gabriel and Rylie try to get the journalists out.


Operation Journalist rescue.....

The team arrives in Damascus. Griffin asks Rylie if Gabriel knows about Panama, and she says no, it's classified. The president goes to the negotiation meeting. He asks Gabriel to assess the room. Gabriel tells him that the room is hostile, full of Syrian Secret Police, and that they are not taking the negotiations seriously. President Finnigan tells Gabriel to go get the journalists. Gabriel works with Nelsen at headquarters to get down to where the journalists are being held. Lillian tells Gabriel to make his move, and Gabriel proceeds to give out a beat-down to the soldier guarding the journalists. He gets to the journalist and opens their cell. The woman journalist asks Gabriel what he is doing, and he tells her to keep calm so he can get them out. She asks Gabriel who he is, because they aren't going anywhere. She gets on his com device and tells Cyber Comm. to stand down, she is not going to burn a year long red-op by alerting the Syrians that she is back in play. She tells Gabriel to go get her target first, then come back and rescue them. She then tells Gabriel that she is not a journalist, but C.I.A.! They were looking for a scientist that was working on a missile  guidance system. They don't know who the scientist is, but that its a woman. She tells Gabriel that a Mossad Agent took pictures of the scientist and uploaded them to a site before he was killed. She gives Gabriel the codes to the site, and he leaves.


Who and where is this scientist?

Lillian meets with DCI Jeffrey Tetazoo and asks him what the hell was he thinking. He tells her that  DNI Adam Weatherly (her boss) didn't know that the journalists were actually CIA, and even the former President doesn't either. He said that they had to keep their identities from getting out because there are moles in the White House. The team gets the pictures, which are of many people at an open market. The team then starts using the information they have to figure out who she might be in the crowd. They start with where a woman like that would go to school. Dr. Shenandoah Cassidy says that there are only a handful of schools where the scientist could have received her training. They give Gabriel the list, and then he starts to build a virtual scene from one of the pictures. He checks facial recognition of every women at the market with the students from all of the schools the scientist might have attended. Gabriel finds the woman, and notices that she is American and  married a Syrian citizen. The team goes to the market and Rylie talks to the woman about coming with them. The woman says that she can't, her husband brought her there and she is worried about her daughter. Rylie assures her that they can protect her and her daughter but she has to go with her right now. She leaves with them. Next Rylie goes to the daughter's school. She pretends to be the girl's aunt and tells the school official that she was sent to pick her up. The official says that he must call the father. He calls the dad, but its Gabriel on the other line. In Arabic, he tells the official that it is ok for the girl to go with Rylie. The mom gets on the com to tell Rylie that she has to ask the daughter one thing before the girl will go with her. The girl comes out, but is scared of Rylie. Rylie tells her that her mother sent her, and asks her if "she is a lion or a mouse." The girls smiles and says, "I'm a lion." The girl leaves with the team, and she and her mom are taking to the rendezvous point with the President. They drop the mom and daughter off, and Gabriel tells the President that he is going back for the CIA agents. Lillian doesn't want Gabriel to go, but then tells him to hurry because she cant hold the plane for long.


Operation CIA rescue.....

Gabe tells Nelson to sound off all of the alarms in the prison, and the will try to move the agents. The Syrians try to move the agents,  and the team ambushes the vehicle. The woman agent is the only one in the vehicle. She tells Gabriel that the other agent didn't make it. Everyone gets on the plane a heads home. Back at headquarters, Lillian is reading through files on her computer while talking to the Dr. Cassidy. She notices that the CIA revoked the scientist's passport and stripped her of her citizenship less than a  month before they sent the agents in, but told them that they did not know who she was. Lillian tells Gabriel that the CIA agents were sent to Syria to kill the scientist! (dun dun duhhh). Next we see the CIA Agent leaving her seat and  headed to find the scientist. The agent pulls a knife on the scientist, but Gabriel and Rylie get there in time. They tell the agent to show her hands, and then she grabs the scientist and holds a knife to her throat. Then Special Agent Griffin enters behind the CIA agent and she stabs him in the thigh. Rylie gets the knife from the agent, cuffs her, and asks her why she was trying to kill the scientist. The agent says that she was completing her mission until told otherwise. Gabriel jokes that she was just told otherwise.


Checks and balances.....

Back at Cyber Comm. headquarters, Lillian has a meeting with DNI Adam Weatherly and  DCI Jeffrey Tetazoo. Tetazzo tells Lillian that the agent was only supposed to kill the scientist only if Cyber Comm. could not get her out of Syria, and that the agent had went off book. Lillian does not believe that the agent was working without Tetazoo's awareness and authorization. Weatherly tells Lillian that the CIA will be involved in all of Cyber Comm.'s future mission. Weatherly tells her that it is because Gabriel diverted from the primary mission. Weatherly also states that the President wants the CIA involved to create "Checks and Balances." The President believes that there might come a day when they won't be able to control Gabriel at all.

- Darius Lacey


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Secrets of the Secret Service

Secrets of the Secret Service

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