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Ingenious Animals: Episode 3 Preview - BBC One

It’s an exciting and slightly frightening moment when Hugh meets this pack of wolves.

Zukara meets Cleopatra for the first time after years of separation by a boundary fence.

This episode investigates the strange world of animal communication.

Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall is in Austria, where scientists are interpreting the howl of the wolf and asking if they really deserve their 'big bad' reputation.

Zoologist Lucy Cooke discovers the communication skills required to persuade a penguin - raised by people - to swim. Lucy also heads to the Bahamas, where new research claims to have found that sharks could be social, make friendships and even have personalities.

Conservationist Giles Clark is in Australia to see how cutting-edge communication technology is saving the koala.

Biologist Patrick Aryee is in South Africa to investigate the seductive calls of a love-struck lioness, while on the west coast of Canada we reveal a family of killer whales behaving in a very unusual way, and in Florida we meet the clever birds who use their remarkable powers of communication to get exactly what they want.

Ingenious Animals: Episode 3 Preview - BBC One

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