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IN THE FLESH Recap: The Undead Love Triangle! (BBC America)


Season 2 Episode 2

"A Teensie Weensie Bit Of Brains"

Kieren's plans to leave Roarton are put on hold as Maxine tightens her grip. Jem is forced to confront her demons when a rabid appears in the school. Simon reveals he has feeling for Kieren; meanwhile disaster strikes in the woods...[button color="red" size="small" link="" target="blank" ]Official Site[/button]



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Kieren is leaving for France to get away from the conflict and hatred in Roarton, but Maxine Martin’s newly imposed travel ban on PDS sufferers throws that plan off completely.  To add insult to injury, the evil MP has created a PDS “give back” program that requires the undead to do community service, for free, before they’ll be allowed citizenship.  I didn’t know the risen were no longer considered citizens, but that little twist really adds fuel to the fire.  As if that needed to be done.

Image courtesy BBC AmericaEager city council member Philip is living a double life.  In public, he supports Maxine’s Orwellian tactics for dealing with the dead, but he secretly visits a brothel run and staffed by them.  This isn’t a huge surprise since he had a one-time fling with Amy in series one and now he’s paying for “the full girlfriend experience” with a prostitute playing the part of Amy.  Philip’s got a crush on a corpse and someone’s taking video of his entry into the establishment.

After her schoolmates find out she was in the HVF, Jem becomes a minor celebrity at school.  She’s not terribly comfortable being considered a “bad assed war hero” since she’d rather put those memories behind her.  When one of her schoolmates goes rabid after snorting some Blue Oblivion, everyone looks to her to stop him, but she can’t.  The emotional toll the situation takes on her is too much and she collapses in tears.  Fortunately, the effects of the drug wear off before the young rotter can hurt anyone, but one of her friends blames her for killing her father back in the early days of the rising.

Image courtesy BBC AmericaSimon, that smooth-talking disciple of the Undead Liberation Army, organizes a party for all the returned.  He invites Kieren and tells him everyone is to attend sans makeup and wearing the clothes they died in.  When he gets there, everyone seems very upbeat – almost high.  Amy tells him it’s because they’ve all been eating … wait for it.  Brains!

Image courtesy BBC AmericaJem’s feeling down about her failure to deal with the situation at school earlier and ends up riding along with one of her former HVF partners to patrol the edge of town.  They hear screams in the woods and she runs off to see what all the noise is about.  In the distance she sees a figure trudging through the woods.  She takes aim and fires, dropping her target immediately.  As they approach the figure, Jem sees she’s killed a PDS inflicted schoolmate Henry, who’s had a crush on her for years.  He was just a young kid who didn’t seem to have a mean bone in his body and now he’s dead for no good reason.




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