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If You Are the One episodes withheld after drugs conviction


A “commentator” on cult Chinese dating show If You Are The One who was convicted on a drug charge has resulted in episodes not being made available to SBS 2.

Renowed Chinese scriptwriter, novelist and TV host Ning Caishen served a 10-day detention for methamphetamine use in June 2014. The 39-year-old later issued an apology on his official Sina Weibo account, saying he initially decided to use drugs to ease the pressure of being a writer.

But his conviction has now inadvertently impacted on the show in which he appears, If You Are the One.

SBS2 told viewers via Facebook:

You might notice something different about the upcoming new episodes on weekends. We have had to fast forward 100+ eps from where we left you on the 10th of Jan because they featured Ning Caisheng as a guest who, since they were broadcast in China, has been convicted of drug possession. As a result the episodes were not distributed internationally.

So, from tonight (16th of Jan) we will be skipping forward a year and ALL the girls will be new to Aussie audiences. Sorry guys, this is out of our hands.

BUT WAIT.. there’s a silver lining. This means that the eps we’ll be showing from now on will be a lot closer to the broadcast dates in China. That’s a bit of good news right? #clutchingatstraws

Probably not the kind the young ladies are expecting to take home and honour their mother?

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