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How much will Adam Barton pay for his ‘moment of madness’ in Emmerdale? Adam Thomas reveals all

Adam Barton's life is in a mess after he ruins his chances of adoption, then snogs Vanessa. And Emmerdale star Adam Thomas reveals that could be about to get worse

Adam’s adoption dream hits the buffers then Emma finds out about his secret kiss with Vanessa. Will it stop there? Emmerdale‘s Adam Thomas reveals the drama…

Has Adam come to terms with the fact he can’t father a child?
“He’s gutted as he knows he and Victoria would be great parents. It was a real blow to him. Because of the stuff that went on with his childhood – not knowing that James was his real dad – he wanted to be a father himself and the best one possible.”

So he and Victoria decided to apply for adoption…
Adam thinks he and Victoria would create such a great family unit. Adoption felt like a good way forward. Adam has a lot of love to give a child.”

Why did Adam admit to the adoption agency that he had a criminal record?
“He’s a decent guy and sometimes he doesn’t think before he speaks. He really wants to maximise his chances of adoption and he kicks himself for revealing he has a criminal record.”

What happens when Moira finds out he kissed Vanessa?
“She’s furious and she tells him that he either puts it behind him or he tells Victoria. He knows he did something stupid in a moment of madness. He did it because he was angry with Victoria.”

So will he confess to her?
“He realises honesty is the best policy, but he doesn’t want to hurt Victoria. What’s the point in upsetting her over a kiss that meant nothing?”

Is he afraid that somebody will find out?
“He knows Vanessa will keep quiet and he figures Moira will, too. He’d be gutted if it did get out, but it is Emmerdale where secrets have a habit of being exposed.”

What can you tell us about the watch that Moira gives to him?
“It belonged to his dad so it means a lot to him. But he loses it and he’s heartbroken. It’s just his rotten luck that Emma hears him telling Moira about it and she blurts it out to Harriet. Adam then has a go at Emma and he really loses it… and Ross wades in and decks him!”

Then Emma find out about the kiss… how?
“Emma overhears Adam mention it to Moira and, as you know, Emma is a loose cannon…”

Do you think Adam and Victoria will stay together if she finds out about the kiss?
“They’re a strong couple and I hope they can get through anything.”

Do you empathise with Adam?
“Definitely. Becoming a dad is one of the best things that ever happened to me. It’s amazing.”


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