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House Husbands star Darren McMullen freaked out by kissing mate Gyton Grantley

Gyton Grantley and Darren McMullen in last year’s House Husbands series.Gyton Grantley and Darren McMullen in last year’s House Husbands series. Source: Supplied

PLAYING a gay man on House Husbands was not a problem for Darren McMullen, but kissing his “beer buddy” Gyton Grantly was.

The two actors are in an intimate relationship on the Nine Network drama.

McMullen plays the slightly reserved school librarian Alex and Grantly is the extroverted Kane who has two adopted children and also wants a biological offspring.

Marriage could even be in the air for Alex and Kane which could mean a big wedding kiss.

McMullen said he would have preferred to pucker-up to any other actor but Grantly because of their off-screen friendship.

“It would have been better to have a complete stranger or someone who you are really close with, but not your beer buddy to lock lips with. ... it was a bit awkward,” McMullen said.

Darren McMullon said he felt weird kissing his “beer buddy”.Darren McMullon said he felt weird kissing his “beer buddy”. Source: Supplied

“It was literally one of the first days ... you just start thinking, not as a heterosexual, but as a gay man and you are in love with this person.”

The Voice co-host says he didn’t have to try too hard to play Alex.

“I have grown up with a lot of gay friends all my life and ... in fact if anything, I had to tone it down because my friends say I am the gayest straight man they know,” he said.

McMullen, best known for hosting The Voice, want’s to take a break from presenting roles to work as an actor or a screenplay writer in Hollywood.

He and his former Teen Wolf star girlfriend Crystal Reed have written a deep and moving movie about teen depression and suicide.

The idea for the film came after the pair came across an article in The Australian newspaper while holidaying on Hayman Island.

“It’s sad topical story that needed to be told, so it’s roughly based on a true story,” McMullen said.

“Hopefully it sheds more light on a very serious subject.”

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