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Hottest Woman 2/14/15 – BITSIE TULLOCH (Grimm)!

bitsie tulloch

Elizabeth Tulloch, known professionally as Bitsie Tulloch, is an American actress from San Diego, California, but grew up in Spain, Uruguay, and Argentina.

Bitsie is of Scottish descent on her father's side and Spanish descent on her mother's. Tulloch is fluent in Spanish. She graduated magna cum laude from Harvard University with a double major in English and American Literature and Visual and Environmental Studies.

Tulloch played the lead role in Ed Zwick and Marshall Herskovitz's drama quarterlife, which premiered on NBC in early 2008.

Tulloch has appeared on television shows House, Cold Case, The West Wing, Moonlight, and Outlaw. In 2007 she filmed a role as a Dharma initiative scientist for the ABC series Lost, but her role was re-cast due to scheduling conflicts with quarterlife.

In 2009, Tulloch shot one of the 3 leads in HBO's buzzed-about comedy pilot Washingtonienne based on the book by Jessica Cutler. The pilot was produced by HBO and Sarah Jessica Parker. In early 2010 she filmed Most Likely to Succeed, a 1/2 hour comedy pilot for Imagine Entertainment through the FOX network, and a recurring role on NBC's Outlaw. Bitsie can currently be seen playing the role of Juliette Silverton in the NBC TV series Grimm.

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bitsie tulloch

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