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Annet Mahendru

Hottest Woman 5/6/15 – ANNET MAHENDRU (The Americans)!


Anita Devi "Annet" Mahendru is an Afghan-born Russian–Indian actress from Kabul, Afghanistan.

Her mother is a Russian businesswoman and artist, and her father is a Hindu Indian professor and journalist.

Annet began her acting career in 2006, appearing in an episode of the sitcom Love Monkey, an episode of the drama Conviction, a Law & Order spinoff, and the short film The Art of Love. The following year, she appeared in an episode of the HBO comedy-drama Entourage. Her next significant roles came in 2011, in episodes of the sitcoms Big Time Rush and 2 Broke Girls. In 2012, she starred in an episode of the sitcom Mike & Molly.

In 2013, she began playing the recurring character Nina Sergeevna on the FX drama The Americans, appeared in an episode of the crime series White Collar, played Agent Rosen in two episodes of the crime drama The Blacklist and starred in her first film, the fantasy horror Escape from Tomorrow. In 2014, Mahendru starred in the comedy-drama film Bridge and Tunnel and had a voice role in the 2014 animated film Penguins of Madagascar.

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