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Hottest Woman 5/31/15 – AIYSHA HART (Atlantis)!


Aiysha Hart is an English actress, who was born to an English mother and a Saudi father in Saudi Arabia.

At age three, her family moved to England. She is "semi-fluent" in Arabic. Aiysha is best known for her role as Ariadne in the BBC One fantasy television drama Atlantis.

Aiysha-Hart-sexy-hot-Ariadne-Atlantis Aiysha+Hart+Honour+Photo+Call+London+Aiysha-Hart-sexy-hot-Ariadne-AtlantisAiysha-Hart-sexy-hot-Ariadne-AtlantisAiysha-Hart-sexy-hot-Ariadne-AtlantisAiysha-Hart-sexy-hot-Ariadne-Atlantis Aiysha-Hart-sexy-hot-Ariadne-AtlantisAiysha-Hart-sexy-hot-Ariadne-AtlantisAiysha-Hart-sexy-hot-Ariadne-Atlantis Aiysha-Hart-sexy-hot-Ariadne-AtlantisAiysha-Hart-sexy-hot-Ariadne-AtlantisAiysha-Hart-sexy-hot-Ariadne-AtlantisAiysha-Hart-sexy-hot-Ariadne-AtlantisAiysha-Hart-sexy-hot-Ariadne-AtlantisAiysha-Hart-sexy-hot-Ariadne-AtlantisAiysha-Hart-sexy-hot-Ariadne-Atlantis




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  1. Joe Wu 30 August, 2015 at 22:12 Reply

    I loved this series Atlantis very very much. It was a little gross at spots but it was for the most part my type of movie. But oh wait WHO’S THAT THAT BEAUTIFUL, ATTRACTIVE, AND JUST WAY OUT OF MY LEAGUE OF A GAL. OH MAN Aiyisha Hart is just AMAZINGLY GORGEOUS!!! OH THE THINGS I WOULD DO TO HAVE A GAL LIKE HER. OH who I am kidding I mean any man would be crazy to think they could even bother to have a chance with Aiyisha she’s just that mesmerizing. I mean she is so perfect from head to toe. YOu would have to be a absolute prince to even think of going out with a girl of her calibur. I HOPE I SEE A LOT MORE MOVIES WITH THIS BEAUTIFUL LADY CALLED AIYISHA HART.

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