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smith cho hot

Hottest Woman 3/15/15 – SMITH CHO (About A Boy)!


Smith Cho is an American actress of Korean descent.

Cho has appeared in such movies as Bad Boys II, Norbit, Pie in the Sky, Fired Up, and Blades of Glory, and had a lead role in Ping Pong Playa. She has had numerous roles on television, including a starring role in Emily's Reasons Why Not, and has appeared in over 25 commercials. Cho also played Zoe Chae in the 2008 NBC series Knight Rider. In 2009 Cho appeared on Ugly Betty as an editor who shares Betty's office. In September 2009, Cho was cast as series regular Leslie in the NBC situation comedy 100 Questions. In 2012, Cho appeared in a recurring role in the hour-long ABC drama Jane by Design. Smith can currently be scene playing he role of Miguel's Mom on the NBC TV series About a Boy.

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smith cho hot about a boy


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