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Hottest Woman 3/14/16 – DIANNE DOAN (Vikings)!


Dianne Doan is a Canadian actress from Abbotsford, British Columbia, Canada.

She is best known for her appearances in Big Time Rush: Music Sounds Better with U,  and A Happy Happy Happy Happy Happy Happy Birthday: A Short Film with a Long Name. In 2015, she portrayed the character Lonnie in the Disney Channel Original Movie, Descendants. She portrayed the role of Isra, one of August's Thailand dalliances, in the 18th episode of the second season of ABC's Once Upon a Time, "Selfless, Brave and True". Dianne can currently be seen playing the role of Yidu on the History Channel TV series Vikings.


Dianne-Doan-sexy-hot-Vikings-Yidu-dianne-doanDianne-Doan-sexy-hot-Vikings-Yidu-dianne-doan Dianne-Doan-sexy-hot-Vikings-Yidu-dianne-doanDianne-Doan-sexy-hot-Vikings-Yidu-dianne-doan

Dianne-Doan-sexy-hot-Vikings-Yidu-dianne-doan Dianne-Doan-sexy-hot-Vikings-Yidu-dianne-doan Dianne-Doan-sexy-hot-Vikings-Yidu-dianne-doanDianne-Doan-sexy-hot-Vikings-Yidu-dianne-doanDianne-Doan-sexy-hot-Vikings-Yidu-dianne-doan


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