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Hottest Woman 1/5/15 – ANDREA OSVART (Transporter: The Series)!


Andrea Klára Osvárt is a Hungarian actress, film producer, and former fashion model from Budapest, Hungary.

She began modeling at the age of 16 and subsequently came second in the Hungarian "Look of the Year" competition.

She played a small role in the film Spy Game, which starred Robert Redford and Brad Pitt. She decided to leave behind modeling and focus on her acting career.

She is fluent in Hungarian, English and Italian, and speaks some German and French.

Andrea can be seen playing the role of Carla Valeri in the TV Series Transporter: The Series.

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Aftershock andrea-osvárt

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Andrea-Osvárt-Feet-942628AndreaOsvart-Transporter-140728_01_01AndreaOsvart-Transporter-140728_01_02Andrea Osvárt Transporter: The Series Carla Valeri Andrea Osvárt Transporter: The Series Carla Valeri AndreaOsvárt-Transporter-140721_01_03Andrea Osvárt Transporter: The Series Carla Valeri andrea-osvartAndrea Osvart - Transporter The Series - S01E08 - 1_3-500

andrea-osvárt andrea-osvart-10andrea-osvárt Andrea Osvárt Transporter: The Series Carla Valeri


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